Thursday, June 19, 2008

Take Two!

Here are some shots of the kids from Kiddie Kandids. We tried to smush in a whole bunch of different things, all of the visiting cousins, Sam at 1 month, Sam in his blessing outfit, and the brothers. We got a free 8x10 for letting our photographer use Benjamin and Sam as models so that they could "qualify" as a photographer. Always happy to oblige!


Danika said...

Absolutely adorable!!!

Dickson Circus said...

HOW CUTE!!! I hadn't seen the newer ones. I love the "my three kids". ALL IN WHITE! Little celestial kids, they are. I really like the one of Benjamin and Sam looking at each other like, "Hey man, we gotta be on the same team, here." Sam just keeps getting bigger. Did Benjamin just get a haircut?

Lisa said...

LOVE the pics! I know it was a three ring circus, complete with parents ready to snatch themselves bald, but you would never know that from the way the pics turned out! Im a fan of the close ups! Also love the one of Pip and Benjamin back to back. C U T E! I love my nieces nad nephews, and I am in need of an Abigail fix! Send her our way!