Monday, May 4, 2009

I'm The Drummer

"You are the drummer.
You're the backbone,
The timekeeper.
You can't let a tepid reaction from one matinee house affect your dedication to the band."

I have been thinking about this quote from "That Thing You Do," as my day has fallen apart, just like Guy "Shades" watches his band go to pieces and fumble through a song in front of a packed audience - if the drummer isn't "on" the whole thing is off. It has truly hit home today that Mom sets the beat in this house. Mom's morning prep sets the tone and tenor of the day. I think that's why I have such a hard time going to sleep at night. I'm thinking about all of the things that need to go right, right away. From food set up, clean up, buy it up, to laundry pick it up, fold it up, clean it up, there has to be a rhythm to my day. If there is a hiccup in my day, it is so hard to recover that rhythm. You can go from domestic "palace" to "pit" just like *snap* THAT!

And its not just getting the family rolling, it's being prepared for the things that come at you sideways, like unexpected visits, or sudden agenda busters such as, "Your scout is supposed to bring two dozen cookies to pack meeting" or "your child has a project due..." or, the fear inducing situation of a poopy baby. Far from supplies with either no diapers, no wipes, OR BOTH.

For today's disaster, I have been playing catch up instead of being one step ahead of the game. Instead of snapping on the radio for some classical music to get everyone roused for scripture study and breakfast, I was snapping at kids and tossing them a "Gogurt" on their way to school. Actually, after trying to jump in the shower while Matthew was searching for what backed up the kids toilet, I got a phone call from the school; one child ended up at school who doesn't even have school today.

*UGH!!* I know that I still have a lot to learn - and I would appreciate any advice all y'all might have for two night owls trying to get it together. Until then we are just gonna have to practice, practice, practice. Sorry kids - the drummer lost the beat today. But I'm totally dedicated to this band.


Danika said...

I feel your pain. I have been seriously off my groove since our kids-free getaway last weekend. For a freakishly over-organized person like me, it is physically painful. My only salvation (advice?) is my calendar. I write EVERYTHING on it. Not just events, but reminders, notes, birthdays, everything. I look at it about 3000 times a day. It's bordering on obsessive, but I don't usually forget too much. Heaven forbid I ever lose the thing....

Erika said...

AMEN! I've been off-beat since I was pregnant...that's a long time ago....try, try again is all I can say!

Meredith said...

I am constantly dropping the beat as well. As I look at my sink with last night's dirty dishes, a shirt for Lindsay in the dryer so she has a uniform shirt clean, wondering "did I take a shower yesterday or not?" and looking at my floor(s) all covered in apple jacks and not caring yesterday that the babies were going from spill to spill (the big kids spilled them) eating them off the (when did I last mop and vacuum) floor. I NEED TO DO A BETTER JOB SETTING THE BEAT. We were watching That THing You Do" Monday night. Great movie.

Oh, and I KNOW Katrina is an obsessive calendar girl!

Reggs said...

I had no idea that Animal had an actual signature! LOL!!

We wouldn't be mothers if we didn't feel constantly overwhelmed and under appreciated. I don't know that I've ever held a great "beat", as much as I feel like I go to bed feeling like I got beat over the head with the day.
Let me know if you ever figure it out, and then let me in on it!