Sunday, April 3, 2011

You Know You've Been on a Sewing Retreat When....

Having just returned from my second quilting retreat with Red Dirt Retreats I've noticed that there are some hallmarks of a great quilting retreat:

  1. You came with five projects to do, completed two, and started three more new ones.
  2. There are so many threads all over your clothes that you will have to change the dryer's lint trap mid-cycle to avoid burning out the heating element when you next do your laundry.
  3. You don't want to tell your husband that while you were you gone, you didn't shave, use deodorant, make your bed, or get out of your pajamas either.
  4. People you would have passed on the street are now your dearest friends,
  5. There are enough meds between you to stock a small Walgreens.
  6. You learn something new. And things that you never thought you might be interested in - you are!
  7. Like the chautauquas of old, theres a lot of storytelling, and a lot of wisdom shared.  You will laugh for years about things that you heard - Vegas ain't got nuthin' on a quilters retreat.
  8. You came with your fabric, but left with someone elses.
  9. You got to use all of your 25,000 words each day, and didn't have to shout once.
  10. When its time to go, its as depressing as watching Ringling Brother's take down the circus tents.
  11. You immediately want to start planning your next retreat...
 In the words of Ferris Bueller, "It is so choice.  If you have the means, I highly recommend picking one up".


Danika said...

I'm so glad you had so much fun! I will get back into quilting when I finish the 10 projects currently on my plate. I will!!!

Lisa said...

So glad you had a fantastic time! Who is in the picture?

Tina Johnson said...

I know It was sooo awesome!!

scyp said...

I've never gone to one but have wondered if I'd enjoy it. I go to quilter guild once a month right now and enjoy it. Based on your comments I should give it a try.

Erika said...

Woohooo sounds awesome! I would like a retreat of ANY kind please.

I think I need a retreat where fun people come to my house and get it all organized for me and get my projects all completed (I will help) with no little ones impeding my progress. Plus there should be lots of awesome, (and while we're at it, healthy) food that I don't have to cook or clean up after. Oh and I need new clothes too. And umm....yes, that should do it.

Have you heard of one like that?

Unknown said...

I agree Katrina this retreat was so great and I found myself missing everyone the day we arrived home. Great new friends, great old friends, and wonderful fellowship along with some great laughs as well as memories that will be treasured forever!! Hope we can do this again one day.

Reggs said...

I'm so glad you had a lovely time, Katrina!! I love seeing your creativity flowing. Can't wait to see the projects you're working on!