Friday, October 31, 2008

Horror Shows

I've been watching a horror show these last few days. I don't usually go for horror, but trust me when I say that this show seriously gives me the Heebie Jeebies. Cleaning queens Kim Woodburn and Aggie MacKenzie go into people's homes with boa laced plastic gloves, clean it, while simultaneously educating the family (or bachelor) on basic cleaning techniques.

They also send samples from around the house to a lab to let the family know what muck/grime/bugs/creepy crawlies and fungal spores are truly lurking in their home. It is morbidly fascinating to see the level to which some people let their homes go to pot. These two don't let the offender's off without a talking to, "At least you have to good sense to blush Luv, this is truly awful, you know..."

The most common thread that I can pull out of these episodes is that each person takes on an attitude of, "It's YOUR job, not MY job," until they are literally knee deep in old ketchup bottles,dirty clothes, opened cat food tins, and rotting grease. When quizzed about how it got this bad, they usually respond, "Well, it just got so out of hand that I didn't know where to start..., and then I just learned to not see it.."

It's been great to watch with the kids and comment, "Look at THAT! That's what happens when you don't tidy or change your sheets; do you want 20 million bug mites on your bed?" I think that the lab results are really what shock people into getting their act together. They do a microscope slide shot of the bacteria multiplying and going all over the place then WIGGLING! EEW! Oh! Well, at least it has horrified me!

And entertained me too: I love the British accents and jargon, "Yer a big boy now, Dearie, and you must stop mucking in like this in codswallop!" Aaaaah, nothing like a good ole foreign horror show for the holiday.

Happy Halloween!


Meredith said...

Where do we find this lovely show? I would horror!

Momma J said...

that ought to teach you a thing or two about why you shouldn't use a used towel to dry clean dishes! hehe ok, maybe that wasn't you saying that, but you can know understand my facial expression a little better! :) (i know, i know, i'm OCD!)