Saturday, November 1, 2008

For the Grandparents...

Yes, I know, I have already posted my idyllic pictures of my kids for Halloween, but my dad called yesterday from New Jersey. After watching the munchkins out there in their neighborhood go from door-to-door, he requested some "out on the street" pics of his grandkids. OH SURE!

It was not my favorite Halloween, to tell you the truth. I think Abigail's and Sam's costumes got left at the photo shoot, so Abigail wore her reversible cape to school. She later told Matthew, "I had the worst costume in my whole class! Just regular clothes and the [stupid] cape mom made me, plus another girl had one just like me..." OH SNAP!

So, she went reluctantly as Bat Girl. With no mask, because a plain black mask is absolutely IMPOSSIBLE to find. Then it started to rain, and she had to wear the ONLY slicker that this desert-residing family owns, which is a Winnie the Pooh rain poncho. That makes three costumes for her in just one Halloween. I put Benjamin's Superman pajama top on Baby Sam and just called it good. Not my year for a fantastic mom. Oh well.

I redeemed myself by getting up SUPER early to take the kids to the Home Depot for their free kids project. My stock went up in Abigail's eyes, and Benjamin is oh-so-proud of his accomplishment. YEAH. Now I know why they call it "All Saint's Day," it's for all the parents who survived dealing with their kids the night before!!! Oh, I need a drink....

P.S. My two favorite costumes this year:
1) Guy wearing a sweatshirt with those tiny boxed cereals (Froot Loops/Apple Jacks/Frosted Flakes etc.) stuck to it, each with a fake plastic bloody knife stabbed through it. "I'm a cereal killer...."
2) Kid robot who's mom used dryer vent hose for arms and legs, and those glow-in-the dark necklaces side-by-side to resemble a light circuit board on the tummy and back. [lllll] *can you imagine it from my typing characters?* It looked really awesome after sundown.


Meredith said...

Oh, how sad!!! But remind her that at least she is now in a school district that allows Halloween so she got better than Lindsay who wore a trick or treat ribbon on her ponytail.

My favorite costume? The Superman in the background pictures of my niece Kayleigh's blog post about making tutu's - check it out - not sure if it is private or not - totally looks like a Bishop in tights!

Danika said...

So that's what that guy was!!! I walked by a "cereal killer" in our neighborhood too and couldn't figure out what he was supposed to be...DUH!

My favorite costume was my friend who attached a bunch of "Smarties" candies to a pair of jeans and she was "SMARTY PANTS!"

Sorry it wasn't a great Halloween for you. At least it wasn't 80 degrees and your chocolate was all melted by the time you got home!