Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Where Have You Been!?

WARNING: Tidy mom's with a weak constitution should NOT enlarge this photo!!

My Sister asked me why I haven't put up many posts lately. Well, here are some photos to help you understand what I am dealing with. In a mad rush to get things tidy for the day, I swept up the kitchen floor. Then the phone rang. While chit chatting with Amy Jo and exchanging dinner recipes, I got my own dinner started in the crock pot. Then (still chatting about our mutual friend with a possible boyfriend) I switched over the laundry, started the dishwasher, and had to fetch a screaming baby Sam because he took a SHORT morning nap.

While deftly putting random papers into stacks of "to deal with later so I can wipe off the counter NOW", Sam found the swept-but-not-swept-UP pile I had abandoned to grab the phone. He crawled through it to pull out some OREO lids, and started munching away.

SORRY EVERYONE - I KNOW ITS GROSS, BUT IT'S THE TRUTH. Sam then crawled through everything - cheerio dust puree really sticks to those diapers. So now instead of one clean floor I now have another dirty floor AND a dirty baby.

It's just stuff like this. In theory, I'm accomplishing a lot - bills are getting paid, the laundry has been in detergent and clean water, but it's like the Caucus Race in Alice in Wonderland. The folded laundry, though clean, is threatening to implode into undefinable family member piles - which means I'll have to fold it TWICE! ARG! It is my failing as a mother - I secretly wish for someone to take over and make it all their problem.

On the bright side, my kids were out of school for President's Day and they got to see horses (including a new baby), turkeys, a pig, goats, a parrot, llamas, chickens, dogs, possibly cats. I got this one pic of family bliss which I am pasting in their baby book as proof that there were good times.


Danika said...

Oh the joys of a mobile child...let the destruction begin!

He's simply adorable though!

Danika P (so you can tell whether it's your sister or not)

Cyndie said...

Three years ago, I would have gagged. Now, I am impressed that your broom pile only had Cheerio dust and Oreo lids.

Meredith said...

They look like they are in 7th heaven with the animals...and the pile of swept up stuff!

Erika said...

Yep, sums it all up...I've been there, am there, will be there..whatever! Doesn't gross me out at is hilarious though! And I thought about commenting on your give-away post, but don't know if I want to add more to my to-do list either...I'll think on it.