Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Miracle Product

I know, like you, I really don't believe that miracle products really exist. I have been more disappointed by "new," "ultra," "uber," "radical formula," than I can shake a stick at. But it did just happen - last night.

I have been struggling with DISGUSTING dishes. We have hard water, and it has never taken such a devastating toll on my dishes as it has here. Like seeing a cataract develop, my glasses/dish lids have gotten whiter and whiter over the past 18 mos 'til you have to look at the TOP of a clear glass to see what drink is in there.

Em brought me this Lemi Shine stuff that touts itself as "The Hard Water Expert," *uh huh, yah - WHATEVER!* and I thought, "Oh well, what the heck," and hucked it in the dishwasher last night and went to bed.

Then, this morning, I went to unload the dishes and what to my wondering eyes should appear?!!! *cue angelic chorus* I can not describe to you what I felt when I opened the dishwasher door that comes close to the euphoria I felt as I pulled out each CLEAN glass. I couldn't believe my eyes, but the kids were saying stuff like, "You can see through our glasses mom!" *fears to publish such revealing information* "Where's all the gross stuff?!" and simply, "WHAT HAPPENED!"?

All after one load! And I kid you not, this was not a small task - you could see my fingerprints on the pot lids despite hand washing them multiple times in hot water and detergent. My metal colander had white buildup at the base, and everything looked like it had just been dipped in a heavy salt/water solution and dried on there. And now - they are crystal clear! *more angelic chorus*

So, to my good blog readers, if you too are suffering from gross and disgusting dishes, measuring cups, lids and all things glass, there is hope! Find this stuff! Buy this stuff! I will grab my clean glasses and toast you and your clean glasses, tears rolling, to clean dishware again.

For other opinions: http://www10.epinions.com/content_273229385348

Their website: http://www.envirocontech.com/products/Learn-More-about-Lemi-Shine.html

If you want to know where I live in Utah, check out the Lemi Shine hard water map and look for the orange spot in Utah - which is the color indicating the worst kind of water EVER - yup! that's where I live!

*puts on ipod to "I'm a Believer," and boogies around the kitchen holding clean glasses*

Addendum: Could this product GET any better? Well, I contacted the company with this blog post and got this reply:


Thank you so much for your wonderful blog post! Since you are such an avid user and promoter of our product, we would like to send you a product package including Lemi Shine, Lemi Shine Rinse, Lemi Shine MC3, 5 Lemi Shine samples, 5 Lemi Shine Rinse samples, and 5 MC3 samples along with a Lemi Shine t-shirt and tote bag. Please send me your shipping address and t-shirt size, and I will get the bundle out to you as soon as possible. If you have any questions, please let me know. We truly appreciate your business and support and hope you will share the product samples with your family and friends. Have a terrific Tuesday afternoon!

Lee McDonald

SCORE!!!!!!!!!!!! Wait... I have to share????!!!!


Danika said...

I had to buy all new glasses last summer because I was so digusted with my old ones. The new ones already look exactly like the old ones did...

Where do you buy this product?!? You KNOW we need that here!

Danika said...

Aurgh! Yet again Danika has beaten me. Or have I beaten myself? Anyhoo, WHERE do you get this stuff?

Same question as hers really.

Cyndie said...

That is the happiest story I have read all week. I almost cried imagining how happy you must be. Hooray!

Katrina said...

Some have found it at Target, Emily got hers at the Harmons grocery store, but on the main website it has a "store locater," as well as how they can ship it directly to you!

The website also shows you all the things you can do with it around the house! My counter-tops have been getting mineral deposits all over them as well, so I'm just all over this stuff!

Reggs said...

Okay, ready to hear something weird? I was JUST at the Wal-Mart and ran into a friend from the ward. I was looking for a soap scum product and she suggested one for me. she then WHEELED ME around to the other aisle and put this Lemi stuff in my cart and raved of it's amazing-ness. Just as I am reading this, the lemi stuff is now rinsing through my dishwasher. I'll let you know how it goes, and I'm now doubly excited!
Can't wait to see your Lemi Shine shirt!!!

Meredith said...

Yes - a promo t-shirt!!!! And a bunch of other good stuff! I need to try this stuff. I checked the map and it said we can buy it in AZ at Target, Wal-Mart, Fry's etc. all the usual places.