Wednesday, January 5, 2011

I'm Gonna Getcha, It's a Matter of Time

Twitting is an art form in my family - and if you can do it really well, even better.  Abigail, who is particularly "letter of the law" in her views, and I fell into a conversation the other day about how she will raise her children.  She smiled at the prospect, and I told her,
"Abigail, I want to be there for the day when you tell your daughter who wants to go out and play,
"First the work,
it's always the same,
then you can laugh, go outside(watch tv, or whatever they are bugging you about), and play games."
I want to be there to see that, and then watch HER holler at YOU, "I KNOW MOM!"

Abigail smiled.  She smiled because that is what she does to me.  When I have children begging to do things and there are still beds to be made, and other chores to do, I go back to the poem. I don't even need to recite the whole poem, I just have to say, "First the woooor" and they know that THAT'S IT - it's over.  No discussion/whining/logic trumps the "First the Work" credo - whatever you want will have to wait until chores are done.  I love this discipline shorthand. What gets under MY skin is the "I KNOW, MOM!" which is so silly and irritating, "If you KNEW it, then why did you ASK!?"

You can tell from reading that this annoying poem I made up, that it is based closely on the chant, "First the worst, second the same...,"  I just changed it to reflect the idea that work is first, then we play.  I figure that if I can instill in my children a lifelong habit of getting the work out of the way first, then that will help them to lead successful, organized, and stress-free lives.  They hate that vision when it gets in the way of having fun NOW.  So round and round we go.  And the idea that it will someday graduate into my children's vocabulary just tickles me.  OH yes.  Mommy's revenge.  YOU will say this to YOUR kid some fine day!!! HA!

Abigail was giving me that look.  I couldn't resist.  I could no more leave a bulbous pussy zit on my nose than NOT say it.

"And when your little girl comes crying to me, and says, 'My Mom is SO MEAN!' do you know what I'm gonna tell her?

Her look was confident.

"I'm gonna look her in the eye and say, 'Oh, don't worry about it.  You don't have to do it - it doesn't really matter if you get your work done or not; you can still go to college ...'"

I can't quite describe the look in her eye; surprise, thunderous, - definitely vengeful as she let out a, "AGH!"
It was so funny, it lead to... well, kindof an evil laugh - full on open mouth, head back, loud laughing on my part which was SO SATISFYING!!!  Like an evil genius!!!!  However, after looking at her face as I guffawed away, I also made a mental note that I should make sure that it's solely my sons who should be allowed to pick out my nursing home!~


Cyndie said...

Nice rhyme. I just say, "Work first."

Reggs said...

OH MY GOODNESS this post made me LAUGH! I love the work ethic, and this has made me resolve to do better with my girls. They need more of that awesome work ethic!
There is some kind of awesome joy that comes from ribbing your own kids. Believe me, there is nothing I wish on my own daughters MORE than them having daughters of their own...EXACTLY. LIKE. THEM.

Erika said...

Oh gosh that made me laugh hard. I've missed you dearie! That will truly be a great see my kids go through what they put me through....awww...makes me cheery just thinking about it! Thanks for the upper!