Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Lizards, Scorpions and Monkeys

Living in Arizona has exposed us to some desert creatures. Matthew still has his "Lizard Hunter" skills, and caught this one out on the wall. Benjamin was ecstatic, and laughed when I suggested we call him "Speedy."

"Peedy! Yah mom, we call him 'Peedy! *hee hee* 'Peedy."

He and Abigail were very careful to not squish speedy, and he actually had some really interesting coloring. All photos were taken in the bathroom as that is the only place I would let them handle a lizard. I think Matthew made them stand in the tub just in case the kids dropped him. I did NOT want a lizard loose in the house. But they did just fine! Benjamin still asks about Speedy, and we wonder if he will acquire Matthew's astute skills. The scorpion, however, is another story...

I sent the kids to drop off some cookies to our neighbor who had graciously hooked up his compressor to inflate the kids bicycle and tricycle tires. On their way back, this scorpion just scoots right in the front door. I can hardly describe it, except that the only difference between this nasty thing and a New York stock broker is the black briefcase. Two claws up, and just scuttling in, like he knows where everything is, and is prepared to make himself comfortable. I screamed a full on, feminine, high pitched and helpless,


He came running, and I am glad to see that both of my kids stopped, eyes wide, right outside the door. YES! I've still got it - my kids will listen to me in an emergency. Good to know.

"ABIGAIL, BENJAMIN! Get on the couch! There's a scorpion in the house!"

Since they carry eggs on their backs, you don't squish scorpions with your shoe but rather capture them, and then flush them. Matthew got a clear glass and captured him, then let the kids have an educational moment with the scorpion.

Unlike the lizard, which doesn't bite or sting, we didn't name this guy, and he currently sleeps with the fishes. I think it makes our 4th or 5th scorpion in two years that we've found in the house. This one was pretty small comparatively. The last one we had was identified by Benjamin. Matthew didn't quite understand what he was saying about "Ders a bug dad!" "Yah, uh huh... I'll look at it later ..." That one, much like this one, just made himself at home in the kitchen, wandering around until we realized that he was there.

The last thing we found lyin around in the house is a monkey! Lisa told me about these Old Navy costumes, and I couldn't believe my luck. 30%off and one in Sam's size. I love the banana in the pocket and the little tail! However, Sam hates it, and wouldn't pose for me much. Grrrr. The things you do as mom. But we did get this shot. And as you can see we're enjoying our Arizona animals!


Reggs said...

Love Speedy ('Peedy), the capture of the scorpian (who probably just smelled the delicious cookies) and the little monkey who isn't looking so little anymore.

Meredith said...

They don't ALL have eggs or babies on their backs...just if you are lucky! Squished one just yesterday...was this your first?!? Virgin! :)

Lisa said...

That lizard is COOL! Love Benjamin's shirt. ;) When I looked at the picture of the scorpion IN the blog, it looked like it was a picture of him swirling around in the toilet, then I double clicked it and realized it was actually in the glass. LOL Cute monkey! Although I'm betting he hates it because you are putting him in a stuffed furry costume when it's 100degrees outside! LOLOL I think that's sweat I see on his face. It probably turned his banana brown. hehe

Sarah E. said...

Oooo, yuck! Scorpions...The lizard is cool though! Although I agree completely, no reptiles in the house! (Nothing with more than 4 legs that can't let you know when it needs to go to the bathroom, for that matter.) I love halloween! Can't wait to see the rest of the family all dressed up!

Danika said...

Reading this and seeing the pictures made me depressed to be a Scorpio. Ewe! I'm LOVING the monkey costume though!!! When are we getting Sam and Liesel together?

Kelly Merrell said...


I loathe scorpions. Anywho, my mom was at our house the other day and said she saw you guys moving. Whats up with that? By the way, I also want to know about your experience at Gilbert Mercy. Do you have a doctor that you like there?