Wednesday, September 3, 2008

I Forgot . . .

They say that hindsight is 20/20, which is completely true in this case. As I lay out certain facts, it will probably snap together a lot faster for you than it did for me.

Fact one: I was watching the Food Network, and they had a special on the history of the pizza, which left me craving an authentic, 2 1/2" deep dish Chicago-style pizza. "We have to go get some pizza honey! Some good pizza! Not that Red Barron frozen pizza crap . . ." I had had a rough couple of days, so he agreed.

Oregano's is a pretty good restaurant out here, and 45 minutes later, there was a hot piping pizza in front of me. It tasted SOO GOOD! I even ate leftovers. It was so soothing in every way, except for where it made my pants tight.

Fact two: My kids have been inordinately naughty. Every day they seem to get worse! The shenanigans in the fabric store, the whining - OH MY GOSH THE WHINING!! Each child finding a Velocoraptor scream that hits, repeatedly on MY LAST NERVE. When I call for a cease fire, they look at me as though I am crazy. Makes me even more mad.

Fact three: Two zits, out of nowhere, on my oily face, which has the gall to be oily AND wrinkly. GADS! I'm so mad!

Fact four: I had a baby four months ago.

Fact five: My lack of supplies suddenly made facts 1 - 4 snap into focus.

Fact six: I am consoling myself with Motrin and a bowl of chocolate frosting! Yes Cicily, that is frosting over there, NOT poop . . .


Meredith said...

I love chocolate frosting...hope it made it all better! But at Oregano's, skip the pizza and go straight for the Pizzookie, or whatever they call their Pizza cookie there. Delish!

Danika said...

Ahhhh Oreganos. Brent and I made out while waiting for our table on our first official Arizona date there. When Mom and Dad came into town to help with the house I immediately suggested it as a place for dinner. Good stuff.

Over the weekend Dad echoed your sentiment but in typical close-but-no-cigar fashion HE said, "Hindsight is 50/50" Mmmmkay Dad. I meant what you knew.

Reggs said...

Now I want some pizza! And FROSTING! I am sorry about the kids driving you crazy and feeling stressed. I hope the PMS passes soon!!

Ali said...

I don't have the whining kids yet, but I can feel the pain on the "I just had a baby 3 months ago"

This all hits me right when I decide that I need to go get some pants (becuase none of my current pants fit) and then I realize what size I really am. NOT PRETTY. I then console myself in frosting as well. That doesn't help with the pants situation either.

That deep dish pizza looked scary. I don't know if I could take one of those head on. But I'd be willing to try!

Cicily said...

That frosting looks like poop. What the what? I love Oregano's! Please lets ditch our families one night and do a girls thing there.

Lisa said...

Ahahaha! I'm sorry. My advice....take that dang thing out! Seriously, I CELEBRATE the anniversary of my hysterectomy and call John to thank him then take him out for lunch.

Katrina said...

A note to all: Your posts have left Matthew totally mystified.

He said to me, "I read your post, and I don't get it. How did they all know what you were referring to? You didn't mention PMS even ONCE!?"

Are we that complicated?