Sunday, September 14, 2008

Reading Frenzy

TIME! *hands in the air* I finished the last book at 2 am! It has taken me approximately 5 days to read all four books in the "Twilight" series. WOO! I'm glad to be done with that. I have a total backlog of cleaning and laundry to catch up on! It's like reading a very long letter with juicy details that you just can't put down. Unless your son is having a birthday party.

If you know what it is, then you need no explanation, if you don't know what it is, welllll, imagine how it would be to read about the "dating phase" of someone's life. The up's, the downs, the hopes, the fears etc . . . but always, ALWAYS undistracted male attention and devotion. From a completely gorgeous guy. Who has old fashioned gentlemanly habits and limitless funds. And is super smart. Who's only goal in life is to resist your feminine wiles - which is beyond tempting when you're only in your sweats and nasty hair. He will protect you from every danger, shop for you while you're separated, make you personal cd's and try and pass off 5 carat diamond baubles as "just a crystal hand me down." All this while simultaneously trying to grant your every mortal wish. Because you're the only woman [in a century] that he ever felt like he could love. Forever.

Yep. Throw in that his dad's a wealthy doctor, his sister is your personal shopper at high end boutiques, and this is just appealing to the very core - could it get any better? Oh yes. How 'bout TWO guys that are desperately in love with you and hashing out who gets to spend evenings with you in your sweats. OH YES!
I understand why women wrap themselves up in these books, and also why men don't. It's football season, and even the most alluring girl can't compete with that. Cheerleaders try, but look at the lengths they have to go to; with the hair, makeup, relentless dieting and skimpy outfits - just to get a glance or two from a stadium full of men! You only get this kind of male attention once or twice in your life. When the hunt is on.

Yep. We'd take a bloodsucking vampire who paid attention to us over almost any normal guy. 'Cept my honey. Who won't be reading this 'til he's checked out the ESPN website . . . and his email. And also checked out the scores on today's games. And perused his Fantasy Football roster. *sigh* Clearly, it's GAME OVER for me. :( Thank you Stephenie, for the illusion. It was very tasty.


Meredith said...

I need to STILL read 2, 3, and 4. I am lame-o! I don't have time for a reading frenzy so I keep putting if off! My cousin is an Agent (for actors) in Portland, OR and one of her actors is "Sam" in the movie. She and her 12 year old daughter helped scout the location for the beach scenes. Pretty cool that my atheist cousin is all wrapped up on the novels of a Mormon mama from Phoenix!

Reggs said...

oooh ho ho ho!!! SO true!! You can totally tell this is written by a women in a totally non-romantic marriage. We don't want "steamy romance" novels. We want a guy who is hard as a rock and crouches protectively in front of us.
This is why, ladies, it is called FICTION.
So glad you enjoyed them!

Lisa said...

HOLY CRAP! Did you lock yourself in a closet to read them all in five days? I read each book in two days, and that was by staying up until 4 am. CRAZY! WHY do we do such things to ourselves. Of course, I would go without sleep for Edward anyday!

Cicily said...

Oh Stephenie, you've made all my adult ideas of romance so vivid. She works like a magician at taking over your life. I even thought that becoming a vampire might not be so bad.

Sarah E. said...

totally love those! They are great for re-reads again and again. ps, On her web page is the first 7 chapters of Midnight sun (twilight from Edwards point of view!) Onother reason to glue yourself to the screen for a few hours!