Thursday, January 10, 2008

Brent Blizzard - Chevron Car of the Month

Okay Mish, this one is for you. I was talking to her on the phone, and admitted one of my very shameful fetishes: I like Chevron Cars. You buy them at Chevron gas stations. They're about $8 - 9, and STURDY. The first one we bought was Brent Blizzard. Mish asked if I owned enough cars to do a "Car of the Month." In shame, I hung my head and admitted, "yes."

It seemed harmless enough, just a little car - ONE! One car, just like the ones that the cousins had. But then, like the mafia, we got sucked in. Oh yeah! It's not just me, Matthew likes them too! It's an addiction. They have so many cars: collector cars, old cars, snazzy cars, limos, convertibles. Forget the kids, I started collecting these beauties for myself! They are the perfect size. You don't step on them, and heaven forbid that you do, they don't break! They can go in the dirt, on linoleum, and even survive a number of washings in the tub. It's madness.

Oh? Where can you get one? Well, like any addiction, there are legit sources, and black market sources. You can try and go to a Chevron station that sells them. Some stations do, and some are freaking apostates! If you don't want to be seen at these shady establishments, or feel like you have to drag along a child, "Uh, this is my son, and he's looking for Hank Hot Rod . . .", well you can have it delivered to you - for a price. Here's the site:

Go ahead, take a look around, it won't hurt - until you find something you can't live without, or *gasp* the one you want that has been DISCONTINUED! Horace n' Trailer, it goes with Pete Pickup truck that we already own. Why can't I find it anywhere?! For the longest time I could not find it. I had to go to the black market of eBay to find one. Paid more than $8 *curses!* and the box the toy came in was CRUSHED. It's a good thing that I'm sane, and not a collector. I might have been upset!


Meredith said...

I will file this in my brain under: "Little things I didn't know about my Visiting Teacher." The things we will buy on Ebay. Santa brought Lindsay a vintage (1978 I think) Spirograph set (included all the disks, no pens as they dry up) because the new sets are crap. I think I paid $40 with shipping. And somehow it kept not getting calculated in the total Spent on the kids Christmas budget.

Lisa said...

I should probably feel guilty to introducing you to the pitfalls of buying ONE Chevron car........but I'm cracking up instead! HEHEHE! Pete Pick Up and Horace 'N Trailer are the first two I bought. I also bought the woody wagon with the surf board on top at the same time and left it behind for Joel's old mission companion's son......after all, Noah was a whopping SIX weeks old at the time and didn't seem too attached! Have you bought Benjamin the Autotopia ones yet? SO CUTE!

Katrina said...

We have the Green and Navy Autotopia cars. We tried to superglue the people's bums to the car seats, but they kept coming off. Yes, you are to blame! It just goes to show you that addictions can be introduced from people you know, and even FAMILY!

Lisa said...

OK, ok, so I have to know.....which is your favorite? Mine....the woody wagon that I GAVE AWAY! WHAT was I thinking?

Danika said...

I was wondering how you made your way to my blog...welcome to the blogging world! We love Chevron Cars also. My in-laws got us hooked when they found "Brandon Bumper" for Brandon. I went looking to find "Tyler Taxi" for Tyler for his birthday and couldn't - it's discontinued. Thank goodness for ebay!!! P.S. - I've heard the Chevron on Elliot/McQueen is a good one!