Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The Nielsen's Visit Arizona Temple & Science Center!

Here are some pics from our visit with the cousins. It's always a good time when the Nielsen's get together.


Lisa said...

What a FANTASTIC time we had!! The pictures are cracking me up! My favorite.....Abigail's neon pink gloves that she never took off at the science center! She was of course, wearing them purely for "style." However, every time I looked at her in them, "OCD Germaphobe" came to my mind. Man, I love that girl! The other pics that made me laugh out loud are the ones where Benjamin is showing off his "forbidden fruit" that he and/or Jack swiped from the orange tree with many screams of delight! I know I'm their Aunt/Mom, but MAN do we have a group of fun and cute kids!

Meredith said...

That place is fun - we have only been once and it would be fun to go again.