Thursday, April 24, 2008

Happy Birthday Paisley and Sam!

Today is the day! Samuel and Paisley will share birthdays today! Paisley will be ONE, and Sam will be born. I love that these cousins will share a birthday! I have dreams of combined boy/girl birthdays and lots of family getting together. I mean, if one kid isn't enough of a draw for the family, at least a COMBINED party is sure to get everyone out. Paisley will have a good number of cousins to play with, and hopefully set a wonderful example: "It is totally uncool to sass your mom in front of my mom, but it's totally okay to sass your mom in front of Uncle Joel - he'll laugh and make sure you don't get in trouble. Take my word on this one Sam . . ."

Hours before departure we are getting the kids packed up to go stay with friends, putting the final touches on stay-at-home instructions, camera battery charging, cell phone charging, calendar items checked off and planned for, grocery items, and all the miscellaneous things that need to be in place so that I can depart from the world for a bit.

We start heading over to the hospital at 3pm, and should have a bouncing baby boy sometime after 5:30. We'll keep you posted! Feel free to leave your guesses here for weight, time, and as a special bonus (because we already know the birthdate) please leave your guess for a hair color. :D


Reggs said...

OOO!! Happy Birthday little Sam! I am going to guess that he'll be born at 5:45 p.m. He'll weigh 8 lbs, 10 oz. and be 19 inches long. He'll have blonde hair, just like his daddy.
I am SO excited for you, Katrina! Can't wait to hold this little boy and share with you the joy in having an addition to your family! KISS KISS those little boys cheeks for me!

MMW said...

All the best to you Katrina and Matthew. Are your stay at home instructions Pres. Monson-esque? "Don't touch the microwave...or the oven...or the washing machine..."

can't wait to hear all about little Sam.

Meredith said...

I will guess safe:
Strawberry blond!
8 lbs 11 oz.

I am SO glad I at least got to waive to you as you cruised down Gilbert on the way to the hospital after trying a couple times to reach you today! Good luck and keep bloggin' from the hospital!!!

Today at my appt., my doc put my baby at 39 weeks size around 8 lb 2 oz. by standard ultrasound measurements. Well, that would be about right considering I am 37 weeks 2 days and both my other babies were 9lbs! So, I am betting on another 9 pounder in 12 days....

Lisa said...

HOLY CRAP! I'm taking Reagan to Vegas so she can tell me what to bet on! I thought I was doing good at only being 3 minutes and 10 ounces off.....she's EXACT on the weight, and only four minutes off on the time. IMPRESSIVE!
Happy, happy birthday to Paisley Pop and Baby Sam! I absolutely adore my neices and nephews. Lucky me!

Lisa said...

Correction: nieces
Thank you, I really do have an education.

Reggs said...

:D I can't believe it!! I am never a good guesser. I got his gender 100% WROOOONG, so it feels good to get something right! I hope this means I am on the up-swing in the luck department! (PS...i'll take anyone to vegas!)

Faye said...

Congratulations!!!! I can't wait to see him in person :)