Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Sweet Sixteen

I have hit the Sweet Sixteen. That is the size of pants that I can fit into without looking like a sausage in its casing. For anyone who has watched their weight go up and up as baby got bigger, you can appreciate that this is quite the milestone for me.

Though I gained plenty with Sam, I took a different approach to showing it. Instead of doing the maternity wear this time through, I did Lane Bryant. Thanks to spandex and 22/24 sized shirts, I got through the majority of my pregnancy without many people knowing. Well, let me correct that, without many people knowing WHY I was in bigger sizes. And even I have to admit that the chocolate brown comfort pants should never see the light of day again. No one wants to ask the chubby girl, "Is that a bigger shirt and pants you're wearing this week?" They just make a mental note, "Crane-girl over there needs to lay off the bon bons."

I'll actually miss some of my clothes - especially that white top I wore around Easter, but I'll gladly pack it away and schlep around in my old 16's simply because I can. Is the elastic shot in my "snap back?" Um, yes, I think it's safe to say that #3 is starting to show some wear and tear on my butt. I used to be a terrific twelve, and after my mission even a terrific 10. Now I'm just glad to be able to buy something off the table at Costco.

And yes, I don't put that particular pair of 16's in the dryer, and they feel a lot more comfy by the end of the day... because I've unzipped them. And yes, the loose belly seems to resemble a second butt when I zip up, but they are ON! And I could zip them again if someone came to the door. I'm hoping that breastfeeding will live up to all the hype and that I can zipper all day every day after awhile. But for now, I'm just going to enjoy being sweet 16, and try and keep the zipper up a little bit more each day.


Meredith said...

Pre-preggo pants my dear? You are evil! I have lost about 21 lbs and have a little more than 20 to go. Maybe then I can fit into clothes again! Grrr....but I won't be publicizing the are brave-o!

Ali said...

I SO HEAR YOU!!! We have like the same body history. Right now I'm 39 weeks pregnant and rocking the 24/26 shirts, but I will be happy to get down below the 20's. And a size 16!! Only after months of hard work. So well done!! Oh, AND I was once a size 10 too! (Post mission and post trip back to Ecuador) That's actually right when Reagan met me!!

Seriously, the pants unzipped, I am SOOO there with you. I am currently rocking 2 pairs of pants and NONE of them require a zipper. I don't know if I'm up to trying to zip things up. A pair of needle-nosed pliers or a coat hanger might be required. But then when you do that whole "squat" thing to stretch them out, that's when they rip. Man, how many pairs of pants have I lost due to that little maneuver? Waaaaay too many. :(

Joel said...

Clothes are so over-rated (see my latest blog for more)but congrats on getting to 16. Since womens clothing numbers have zero meaning to me I'm just going to say "How about that?!?!" and shut up.

And while I don't want to bring condemnation to your blog, the whole menstration and pregnancy design certainly needs to be broached with the Allmighty. It reminds me of a movie (I think it was Oh God! with George Burns) where a little girl asks God

"Why did you make giraffs so tall?"

I made giraffs tall so that they could eat the leaves on the trees.

"Why didn't you just make the trees shorter?"

Where were you when I was making trees?

So assuming that God is all knowledgeable and powerful I can't help but wonder if your girl experiences could be done another way. Even I could come up with a better design.

In the mean time I guess we will just have to wait and ask once we get to the other sides. But inquiring minds would like to know!

Lisa said...

You were looking fabulous BEFORE you even delivered! I need to get me some of that gestational diabetes diet! Although, I know I would be a COMPLETE failure at it! You were SO good! I'm SO proud of you, and it doesn't matter to me if you are a size 10 or a size 28, I love you all the same and always will. Now go strut around in those sexy pre-pregnancy jeans, you hot new mama, you! YOU ROCK!

Reggs said...

woot woot! great job, sister! It's funny the little things that make us happy. How did the belly front panel capris work for you? UUUGHHHH THE DREADED CAPRIS!!!
Why don't they make belly/butt panel pants for pregnant women? I think I may be onto something. I bet I could make a million dollars off that idea.
For me? I've moved onto stretchy pants. I just figure i am a "large" but I buy the "extra large" pants for comfort. That is what I tell myself. MMMM...stretchy pants. I need to figure out a way to appropriately wear them to church.

Anonymous said...

Ok I love you!! Your soo funny, and even though I don't really like to, I'll continue to let Arizona have you so that they can have a brighter day!!


lol second butt, hahaha that is one of those things that I will not be looking forward too if ever I have another child!