Thursday, August 28, 2008

A Friend in Need . . .

It gives me hope for the future when I see compassion and charity freely given. Hearts have not yet grown cold, and there is so much good in the world. NieNie (Stephanie) and Christian Nielson are recovering from burns sustained in a plane crash, and it has been beautiful to see this story unfold and be passed from one friend's blog to another. I will be following the story, and doing what I can to lift up the hands of those that hang low.

Please feel free to do the same. Life is beautiful, people are good - and will oft times amaze you with their love and compassion. Send prayers, send a post card, send whatever you can, and be the angel heaven counts on to do God's will. Thanks to all my friends who are setting awesome examples.

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Meredith said...

Spread the word, (and the love) my friend! Imagine what it will be like when the Sleeping Beauty awakes and finds out about all the love and goodness she has inspired.