Friday, December 12, 2008

Abigail is Eight!

Abigail is 8! She had a fantastic party a week ago with some of her friends. Here she is with Lisa, who made her a horse birthday cake. We made reindeer cookies and had an elf tossing tournament. We also incorporated a fun poem at gift time, that my mom did at our parties when we were young. It's a way for the birthday person to give a wish back to the gift giver:

Heavy, heavy hang over thy poor head (gift hangs above head) what do you (birthday person) wish (gift giver) with a BUMP on your head!?

Then the kid drops the present on their head. A heavy bump doesn't ever get a good wish, but a light one usually does. It's funny to hear the wishes, "I wish that you would get everything you want for Christmas!" or "I wish that you could have a REAL horse!"

But, now this weekend, she's getting baptized. Does anyone have some stellar advice for making this a truly memorable day? She my first and only girl, and I'd like her to have a wonderful experience.

She turned 8 a week ago, and we are getting ready for the big day. I am charging the camera, getting ready for family, breaking out the soda dispenser (modeled here by Reagan this past Thanksgiving), packing up a little bag of stuff to bring, and trying to organize what we'll do after. Let me know if you have anything to add!


Danika said...

I LOVED the program you did for Noah's baptism! Seriously, it kept ME entertained and I never did find the CTR ring.

Meredith said...

Happy Birthday Abigail!!! If you went to baptism preview put on by me then you have all my advice!!

Annette said...

One thing we did as a Primary presidency a few years ago was give each child being baptized a white towel with their name embroidered on it with the date. The kids loved it and it was something they could keep. You can get nice yet not expensive towels at Walmart. If you can find some who has an embroidery machine you are set to go. Just a thought.