Monday, December 29, 2008

Holy Crock Pot Batman!

My Crock pot died this holiday season. It has lasted for 10 years, and we have done amazing things with it. So, in my post holiday glow, I wondered what a good crock pot would cost me. I think that Rival ones are somewhere between $20 - $50.

I have been dabbling in cooking lately - using "The New Best Recipe" book as my guide to culinary wonders. I wasn't really taught how to cook, and certainly not how to distinguish between pieces of meats (chuck, tenderloin, rib eye, rib nose???) or what a fresh anything is supposed to look like. I take that back. If you husk corn and push on a kernel, it should about hit you in the eye. Other than that, cooking has been a mystery just too complicated to discover.

The Best Recipe Book, however, gets down to the science of cooking by gathering a whole bunch of recipes, trying them all, and then picking which one is the best. I have had rave reviews about my cooking, and I've really started to enjoy whipping things up. Consulting my book, it advises that a good 7 quart Dutch Oven/ Roaster should have a heavy bottom, and recommends the one made by Le Creuset. It runs about $150.

Okay, MAJOR sticker shock to my system there, but that is NOTHING, I say it again NOTHING compared to what I found linked to a "terrific" beef stew recipe. Can you guess the price of the lovely one pictured here? I will let the sticker shock you as it did for me by clicking here. WHO ON EARTH WOULD BUY IT!!!? I think Paris Hilton could afford it, but I just don't see her bubbling and broiling things in her Chanel cook's apron. I'm wondering which vacation I would have to pass up in order to buy it. Am I the only one who doesn't know about this stuff??


Annette said...

HA! Ya good cooking wear is expensive. We know I have quite a few male cooks in the family. And each of them like gadgets and pans and pots and why do you need another one of those we have one just like it. Oh you have the larger and smaller one?? You need the midsize one.

Ya those are the type of conversations I have at my house or any type of cooking place we happen to find ourselves in. I would guess your cooking pot there is so expensive because it has bronze handles!!! It probably conducts heat just the right way so you can grab it right out of the oven with your bare hands! I'm glad you have enjoyed getting to know cooking. I for one like to stay out of the kitchen. I'm good with doing the dishes in our new soundless dishwasher!

Annette said...

Ok, so I was looking at your cooking pan there and down at the bottom is the question...

"Can we improve something on this page?
If we're missing any information about this item which would be helpful or if you have found something that is confusing or in error, please tell us so we can improve our site."

I so want to put in there... yes can you improve on the price please?

Danika said...

THANK YOU for this post. I'm headed to Barnes and Noble today and you just reminded me I need to pick this up while I'm there. Mucho obligado sistah! As for the price on that crock pot, I just have to say what a crock!

Danika said...

I think 10 years must be the life span of a crockpot. That's about how long mine lasted. I got a larger fancier one for about $40 from Target and love it (I had a small cheap wedding gift one).

Have you heard of this website?
She's got some fun easy crockpot recipes on there.

Good luck!