Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Living in Utah

This one is for Mary Henninger who asked how it was living in Utah. This is just my own experience, so feel free to add your own observations. I'll just give a few pros and cons:

1. No one schedules birthdays on FHE or Sunday.
2. The seasons change
3. The Scout program is really strong with more bling per outfit than South Harlem
4. Costco and Sam's Club are ubiquitous, buying in bulk is standard here.
5. Being nice isn't such a rarity. You get great customer service.
6. You have access to all things Mormon.
7. Everyone knows your name in your neighborhood and kids go outside and play regularly (at least in my neighborhood.)
8. People sincerely offer their help, and will watch your kids, loan you a ladder and hold your baby while you go discipline the toddler.

1. Every Sale table has been cleared out long before you got there. A new grocery store opened near here and I saw well-dressed mothers with 6 well mannered children who were maneuvering huge grocery carts of sale items that were gone when I went to the shelves. There are lots of early birds here.
2. No one sings in church. Well, not enough people, I should say.
3. Church has more fashion extremes than I've ever seen anywhere else. From boots to flip-flops, and mom's wearing dresses that would be more appropriate on a daughter. Or a midget.
4. Your Home Teacher will cut you off in traffic.
5. Ostentatious houses that rival Beverly Hills
6. Being pregnant isn't so special, and about 30% of the population is. You are more likely to be asked, "What number is this?" than, "Oh! Are you having a boy or a girl!"
7. Suburbans that can't park and will take up TWO parking spaces. And they all like to park next to each other.

It's where we live though, and we're having a great time. Feel free to come on out for a visit!


Meredith said...

You hit them all...but you missed that it is apparently acceptable for men to feel it is OK to walk around with certain unmentionables hangin' out of the bottom of their shorts. But you got there in the fall so you may have missed that one...

Reggs said...

LOLOL!!! I had to laugh at the part about your home teacher cutting you off in traffic. SO TRUE!! People in Iowa are so nice and if they see you're trying to merge, they give you room. In Utah they see a blinker on and they speed up! So bizarre. And for winter weather never being a surprise, there are always a huge number of accidents on the days that it snows. Bizarre.

But you can't beat them moun'ains! Or the Mormon stuff, heck you can buy MoTab while waiting in line at Wal-Mart!