Saturday, February 2, 2008

A Giant Among Men 1910-2008

President Hinckley, prophet and seer,is a life worth emulating and reading about. I adore President Hinckley, and will miss his humor, which was said to be at the expense of no one. I followed him through college, mission, marriage and children. It was nice to know that there was someone out there who, I felt, would always think the best of me first, and find out all of the details later; only to still later say, "Well, at least she tried!" :D And I know he loves you too. Optimism, Gratitude and Humor marked his life. And we all could use more of each. Enjoy this tribute:

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Annette said...

This sweet sweet man!!! I shall miss him very much. But a big part of me was so happy for him... for he finally was able to go back home and at the door was his sweet wife waving him on. Thanks for posting that tribute!

Love you much!