Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentines Day - And What I'm Giving Myself

Though traditional Valentine's Day activities usually involve cards, chocolate, a romantic dinner, and other accoutrements, I am giving myself the gift of peace and quiet. Just not today. I am running through the house, gathering up laundry, cleaning the kitchen, straightening as much as I can, and getting the van ready. Matthew will be taking the children up to see his folks for the long weekend. Oh PRAISE BE AND CAN I HELP YOU PACK!!?

I'm thinking of entering a blog contest:, lining up the yogurts in the fridge (no mess, no dishes, no fuss), and perhaps going a little wild and starting a baby quilt for little Sam. I will be alone. I will wander from room to room, in stocking feet and pajamas looking at the same made beds, empty laundry baskets, and clean, empty kitchen sink. It'll be 24/7 euphoria. I'll probably fill up the car with gas, get it detailed, and drive like a regular person again. Instead of the usual, "Kids, stop it! Stop it! DO I need to pull this car over! You won't be happy if I do!"

Something about knowing that Sunday is Stake Conference is giving me a cough/tickle in my throat, and I wouldn't want to willfully infect anyone. Instead, I can look at the ultrasound pics of Baby Sam. Here he his sucking on his fist. I might be able to possibly scrapbook the photos with a clever title, "The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face," and do a few of the things that I've been meaning to get around to - like writing in a journal, watching Pride and Prejudice again. I dunno. Part of relaxing is just taking a break from all that you usually do. SO, I may shower, I may not. I may get dressed, or just explore the Hugh Hefner option. It's anybody's guess! But until then, I'll be foldin', packin' and sweepin'. Happy Valentines Day to you, and Happy Valentines Weekend to ME!


Danika said...

I suppose you can say I'm also getting some "time to myself" this weekend...unfortunately it will be to fly over to California to visit my mom in the hospital. Enjoy your peace and quiet - and I expect to see some fun new blog entries since you'll have nothing better to do (Ha Ha)!!!

Lisa said...

You realize that you are the envy of EVERY married mother out there, right? I mean, to sit in a CLEAN house and get to enjoy it for FIVE days and do WHATEVER you want?! I SWEAR if I weren't sick, I would be there tomorrow. Girls weekend.....aaaaaah. Go to the cheesecake factory and order 5-10 pieces of your favorite cheesecakes to go. Then eat 1-2 pieces each day. OOOH YEAH! Meet your girlfriends for lunch, you know....somewhere "fancy" that doesn't have a play area! Get a pedicure. Go clothes shopping without a screaming, escaping toddler....get goin' girl! You've got a lot to do!

Lisa said...

OH! CUTE pic of baby Sam! What quilt are you going to make him?