Thursday, February 7, 2008

A Surprise Letter

I got a letter from the Property Management company. I think they have hired a retired referee who can't seem to see the trees for the weeds. "Property Management" seems to believe that trimmed bushes should be removed (they're not dead yet!), flowers are an offense (please take care of your weeds with petals), and they see weeds . . . where there are rocks. They've even complained about our yard not having ENOUGH rocks. Geesh! So, these letters are met with a groan. But todays letter was a bit of a surprise. To wit, it reads:
"During a recent inspection of the community on 02/01/08 it was observed that there is a condition at your residence which needs to be taken care of. Please remove the bike helmet from your roof."
How is it that they could see the bike helmet, but not my black shoes that I looked for for 2 months, or the dinosaurs and other animals that are also up there? I called Matthew at work to read him the letter.
"We got another property management letter . . ." *groan*.
But when I read it to him, he laughed! "When did Abigail do that?"
Just goes to show how very eventful life is when you have kids. And I find it interesting that anyone withOUT kids would think I was an idiot parent, but anyone who HAS kids would not be shocked at all. It's just one of those things. Kids do crazy, weird, and often inexplicable things.


Lisa said...

BAHAHAHA! Why did she throw your SHOES up there? Hilarious! What is even more hilarious is that the property management company would actually spend money to mail such a letter. Oh well! It helped you find some missing treasures!

Meredith said...

At least now you know the day they patrol so you can remove your offensive articles in time. Ours is the 18th. I love letters like "On January 18th we observed your trash can was on the street. (it was recycling day - the wrong one was out...probably still there since the previous trash day.) We will be patrolling the neighborhood again on February 18th - please correct the problem by then." Duh. I think we will do trash and recycling several times by then...

Reggs said...

I predict a future letter:
"Dear resident. We noticed that you walk around naked in the afternoons. Thanks for the matinee."
LOLOLOLOL this post made me laugh out loud. Maybe Abigail is just trying to create her own time capsule.