Monday, July 28, 2008

Anatomy 101

We play this game at church in our family called "Tap Tap." You hide something in one of your hands, then turn your fists over to expose your closed fingers. The child points to a finger and says "tap tap" and you lift it up, and then they do it again until they can see what is in your hand. You usually choose something small, like an m&m that can be hidden under one of the fingers, and it's good dexterity exercize for your fingers.

Matthew tells me that he was playing this game quietly before church a couple of weeks ago with Abigail. In an effort to "educate while you play," he started giving her a bit of background on each finger that she "tap tap"ed:

M- "Which finger is that?"
A- "It's your pointer finger!"
M- "Yes, it is also known as the INDEX finger . . ."
A- "tap tap!"
M- "Okay, which finger is that?"
A- "It's your pinkie!"
M- "Right! Good job."
A- "Tap tap!"
M- "Okay, which one is that?
A- "It's the "SCREW YOU!" finger."
A- "That one, the tall one is the "screw you!" finger.
M- "Where did you hear that?"
A- "I dunno, it's just the "screw you" finger dad. Everybody knows that . . ."

After our caucus, we discovered that neither of us gave her the specifics on (nor do we use in front of her) the "screw you" finger, and wonder if there is anyone out there who could tell us where she picked this up!


Lisa said...

Well, I can assure you it wasn't me! I taught her that it is the "up yours" finger....not the "screw you" one!

Joel said...

My kids had no idea what the screw you finger was until they spent time with Abigail. What exactly are you teaching your children? I am going to be VERY disappointed if Abigail teaches them the birds and the bees before we can.

Meredith said...

Well, that is awesome. I remember the first time I knew about that finger, I was about 7. I saw the boys in the neighborhood flipping each other off (including the fist in the elbow joint maneuver that can go with it) so I walked into the kitchen and extended the "screw you" finger and asked my mom, "what does this mean?"

How did your downloads go?