Monday, July 28, 2008

First Day of School!

Today is the first day of school. I love school, and I love that there are people out there who's only job is to give my children age-appropriate things to do that enlighten and enhance their lives. Reading, writing and 'rithmatic.

We thought that we would keep Abigail nice and fluent in her addition/subtraction/multiplication facts over the looooong summer. Yep, that fell apart after about day 2 of vacation. She did one side of a sheet on Saturday. And she only did it to get out of doing another job. The Wii, however, did get lots of use. She can do lots of stuff on the Star Wars Legos game. After watching a couple of the videos she knows now to call "Chocolate Guy" by his rightful name of "Chewboka." We have also had fun making up our own Star Wars Jedi names. That's educational, right?

Benjamin too starts school today. He'll have his first day Preschool today, and he will be taking the bus. Unfortunately we are in a bit of a frenzy looking for the Lightening McQueen backpack. And then . . . and then! Mommy has already started the laundry, there will be a croc pot going before he puts his first step on the bus, and then I will only have ONE kid! For a couple of hours! I am 'bout giddy with anticipation. SO much to do, so much to do!

So, I gratefully hand over both children today to the schools, and their friends, and recess! Have a good day. Come home smart! Maybe I'll find time to scrapbook your First Day of School while you're gone!


Sarah E. said...

Oh my goodness! Oh my goodness! I thought we started school early out here! We still have 2 more weeks. I'm glad to see someone as excited about sending kids off to school as I am. (There goes the excuse as to why the house looks like it does and why, with all of the clothes we own there is nothing to wear that's clean...Darn!) I love keeping up with long lost friends! Thanks for letting me peek into your life!

Meredith said...

Such a great day...I came home a took a nap while Kate napped and Caroline watched Noggin. So much for super mom! But I did manage to nurse and update my blog all at the same time. So maybe I am super afterall! I am so glad the kids are still in an age where school is exciting for them. I am thrilled for Bear too. And he gets a bus, no less!

Joel said...

That is HILLARIOUS that we both wrote on the first day of school. What DELIGHT! GMTA

Kelly Merrell said...

You will never guess what my "nerd name" was...Abigail the Wii Collector. Seriously! Wierd, huh!

Lisa said...

OK, time to update this blog, I'm needing a Crane fix!