Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Did You Know These 99 Things?

This one is for Bagel. She requested it, so there are quite a few memories that involve her. I should TOTALLY be getting dinner ready, but for the masses who thought they knew me, here is 99 things that you may not have known.
99. I remember weird stuff. Like my first address: 335 E. 1000 N, Orem, UT, 84057. Ph. 801 224-3873
98. My favorite place on earth, to just "be" is the rooftop of my old apartment on Sao Miguel, Azores. Nuthin' but blue sea all around, and perfect weather.
97. I would love to retire to a beach house in North Carolina.
96. With very few exceptions, I have kept in contact with all of my girlfriends throughout my life.
95. When I was young, my mom would do up my hair in pig tails, or pony tails, and put these cotton-candy looking rope thingies in for ties. We had lots of colors.
94. I had few toys as a kid, but I did have a flat-footed princess Leia doll, Strawberry Shortcake and Lemon Meringue dolls, and a "My Friend Jenny." My mom made me a Cabbage Patch doll that I named, "Brittany Raquel" because I thought those were pretty exotic names that were not used near enough.
93. I learned to ride a bike all on my own, using the neighbor's little blue, banana seat wonder. My own first bike was a hand-me-down Schwinn, olive green with a squarish seat.
92. My first job was to babysit at the age of 12. My first job that needed my SS# was for cleaning a dental lab at the age of 15.
91. The dental lab had a typewriter with big print, so when I was done with work I would put pages of my scriptures in, and type the clues to scripture chase scriptures, then color code them according to book so that I would be the fastest, and most awesomest scripture chaser. Pretty much worked!
90. My favorite class in High School was orchestra. It was the best way to start out the day. Even though I had to sit at the back, nearly all four years, in the second violins.
89. When I hear "Stars and Stripes Forever," I can't help but hear/play the offbeat due to #90. It has ruined that song for me.
88. I remember the talk given by my brother's high school class president about how great the number 88 is. "It's the same standing up, and on its side, frontwards and backwards." Terry had great political aspirations, and I ended up working with him at a radio station.
87. I truly hate selling things to people. I'm good at it, but I hate it.
86. My brother JOEL made me wear a girl scout uniform to help him with his Eagle project because of #87. I like hanging out with him. It was a pain to raise money by painting house numbers on streets, but I secretly loved that he needed me.
85. I married over my head, in many ways, and cherish my marriage because of it.
84. I worry that Matthew will die before me, and I will be lonely.
83. I don't appreciate my thick hair or big boobs. I feel that it's like prom. It seems like a wonderful thing, but in the end, it's not. After a bit, you just want to get out of the nylons and the heels and the dress and be comfortable. Same idea.
82. The worst part of every day for me is coming up with dinner. I hate that. I have no imagination when it comes to coming up with meals. I rotate the same 9 dishes - which are easy, and pretty fattening. I ought to get new ones.
81. I'm pretty good with a spreadsheet.
80. The last pair of tennis shoes I owned took 8 years to wear out.
79. The first pair of name brand shoes I got were light blue Nikes - I felt so cool.
78. I got in trouble with my little brother Logan once. We were smashing bottles in an unfinished basement.
76. My brother Joel showed he loved me, when I had the chicken pox, but putting on "Little House," instead of "He-Man and the Masters of the Universe." I still love him for that.
75. I started playing violin because I loved to watch blue-grass fiddlers. It looked so cool and fun. I learned to play the violin, but never did any heavy blue-grass.
74. I love that my sisters play violin too. Each one plays better than I do, but I don't know if they enjoy it as much as I do.
73. I got in to Law School, but didn't go. I don't regret it one bit.
72. If I came into a ton of money, I'd love to set up a Humane Society in Portugal.
71. After I bought a beautiful, brick, Tudor home with a turret.
70. I am never bored.
69. My brain doesn't turn off. Matthew talks about a "nothing box," which mystifies me. My brain is always on - makes it hard to go to sleep.
68. Matthew says that my brain would be a scary place for him to be. He's probably right.
67. I'm not as cool a mom as I thought I'd be. I scream faaar too much, and enjoy my kids far too little.
66. If I had a choice between a clean house, or a night at a fancy hotel, I'd take the clean house.
65. I love compliments. I try to look like I don't need or want them, but I really thrive on praise. It's one of my shallower qualities.
64. I love that I have a red-headed little girl. She is a hoot, and the envy of many.
63. Sometimes, when I pray, I think of myself with my head in God's lap while I tell him all my problems, and he brushes my hair.
62. When I die, I hope that I meet God, and he says, "Well, welcome back! It hasn't been the same since you left, and we're so glad you're here!"
61. I want my headstone to read, "I'm not here, I'm busy watching out for you!"
60. I think that Deja Vu is just God's way of saying, "I told you I knew it all . . . you are right where you're supposed to be."
59. The few people that I hate know that I hate them. I figure that forewarned is forearmed.
58. I tend to get along with most people. Everyone has a story to tell.
57. I love the tradition Matthew and I have of getting an ornament at places that we visit. When Christmas rolls around, and I start to feel stressed about finances and deprived, I put up each ornament and realize anew how very very blessed I have been in my life.
56. I feel lucky to have each of my kids. I wanted seven, but have three. Ultimately, I think there are 4 kids meant for my family. I knew this when I was 17.
55. I used to need glasses before I had RK surgery.
54. I have a gift, which is pretty useless to me; I can identify people who are pregnant, but who haven't said so yet.
53. I am OCD about keeping my ears cleaned, and my nails filed.
52. I can scrapbook pretty well because I took a calling at church to do the ward bulletin. Everyone was sad when I was released, including the other wards who picked up our ward programs.
51. I hate doing dull work, so I try and streamline everything as much as possible.
50. I have the best friends in the world - and I find that they like each other once they meet.
49. My sister Reagan got me blogging. I had no idea how to do this at the beginning of this year. I figured that it would be an audience of one, but it turns out that there are a few people out there who don't mind peeking into our life!
48. I've had more than a few dreams where my teeth kept falling out, and I couldn't spit them out.
47. I'm a dog person. I loved the dogs we had growing up, Freeway and Crosby. Miss them too.
46. I, like Will Ferrel, find inappropriate behavior funny. So does Matthew, but most wouldn't guess it. The pig hand puppet knows better.
45. I believe that if you have to speak or do anything at church, that it ought to be educational and fun. People put on hose and ties to listen after all!
44. I'm terrified that any of my children would get hooked on drugs or porn. I want them to be wonderful, like their dad.
43. I have an iPod, but mostly only listen to it when we are doing the blitz.
42. I'm a quilter. I started doing it when I was 16, with no help. It turns out that it runs in the family. My great grandmother Katherine Brigetta Nielsen did it as well, and I own a few of her quilts. Now, all of my sisters quilt. We have one more sister-in-law to convert.
41. Raspberries are my favorite fruit.
40. I love chocolate in many many forms, but if I can get the good stuff, I will. Especially the Godiva chocolate covered mandarin orange truffles. Yuuuuuuum.
39. Life has not turned out the way I planned it as a kid. Some of it worse, but most of it much better.
38. I'd like to go back to college some day.
37. I hate senseless destruction and man's inhumanity to man. It seriously bothers me. I don't like to watch the news.
36. My family was robbed on my 7th birthday. They were still in the house when we got home, and likely someone who knew us.
35. I think I have a sucky birthday. January 18th is about the date that all of the holiday credit card bills come in.
34. I don't like cranberry juice, cantaloupe, coconut, or diet drinks. Or exercise.
33. Once, Reagan and I went to get a tattoo, but the parlor was closed (on a Saturday), so we crashed a wedding at St. Pat's instead. She threw her arms around the bride and said, "It was just beautiful!"
32. I went to visit Spain on the high school French trip. I got off at the wrong train stop, speaking NO spanish, and had a cab driver take my bag, and drive me to the right stop. During that drive I was terrified that I would be turned into some sort of prostitute.
31. I have no gift with cooking. Like Solierie, I have desired the skill but always lacked the talent.
30. I don't fear getting grey hair. I have one or two, but am not freaked out by it.
29. I love the traditions I grew up with, including the Blitz, the Family Quiz, and Birthday "I Remember When's."
28. #29 would be useless without, what I consider to be, the best brothers and sisters. I love them. Each of them. They have so many wonderful qualities that I have every reason to feel blessed.
27. I made my little brother cry once. I broke a shell necklace he was wearing over a fight, and I have felt bad for it ever since.
26. The best my legs every looked were on my mission. We had to climb hills on the Island of Madeira, and they looked fantastic. They were also covered up. Ironic.
25.I have had no less than four proposals for marriage. One was written in a letter from someone I barely knew, but promised a back massage every night!
24. I enjoy doing genealogy. There are many that I would love to meet and interview.
23. Vern Yip is one of my favorite decorators. I like his style, and love of storage. My kind of designer.
22. Two of the things I use most in my house include the shredder, the automatic pencil sharpener, and my calendar.
21. I don't think I can buy my kids happiness, but I do try and get them the things that their hears desire. Even Lightening McQueen "Crocs" for my boy.
20. My favorite compliment of all time came from someone who told my boyfriend, "Your girlfriend has the best [butt] I have ever seen!"
19. I did the most stupid things of my life at the age of 19.
18. I fell off a haystack and split my lip open, all because my brother told me, "No! You can't, you're too little . . ." I think I was, like, 6.
17. I broke my collar bone when I was 3. My dad slammed on the brakes of the camper,which sent me flying onto the aisle floor. I still remember looking at the huge laundry room as we went through the hospital.
16. I used to run up and down concrete ditches for fun.
15. When I was small, I would look out my window when I couldn't sleep and look for "my" star. I thought that there were so many, that no one but me probably knew that it was there.
14. Fourteen was a very awkward age for me.
13. I actually liked Jr. High okay. Elizabeth Dickinson and I used to hang out and put copyright logos on the Health Office door sign.
12. I have been known to wear the same pair of earrings for years.
11. I am incredibly sentimental.
10. I love to make people laugh.
9. I love magic shows.
8. I love ballroom dance, doing AND watching.
7. Buttercream frosting is my favorite - the more the better.
6. I used to be incredibly vain about how good my hands looked.
5. Robin Williams is one of my favorite comedians, but I don't like him in drama.
4. My whole mission in Portugal had people recommending that I get a tan. Even after 1 1/2 years out of doors.
3. My three kids amuse the heck out of me 1/2 the time, and drive me to my wits end the other 1/2.
2. "Summer of my German Soldier" by Bette Greene made me cry when I read it.
1. If you've made it this far, I suspect that you are either a relative, or my very good friend! You have probably heard much of this over the time you've known me, but at least it's here all together. So, thanks for reading! :D


Reggs said...

YOU DID IT!! HOOOORAY!!! Wow, and I thought I already knew everything!
My favorites: Matthew would be scared in your brain.
Your favorite place was on a rooftop on Portual (do you have a picture?).
Joey would use you as his pawn to sell things. LOLOL.
You have another baby coming, woo hooo!

I also don't like canteloupes or exercise. I think it must be genetic. I thought it was really sweet that you said you married over your head. AWWWW. I think you left off the part about you being insanely creative.
I once tried to make cookies on my own when I was little and I SCREWED THEM UP. Katrina came in and threw in extra flour, some eggs and who knows what else. She saved the cookies. I pretty much thought she was genius from that day on.
Oh and lastly, thanks for being the biggest contributor to my friend pool!! Everytime you move...I MAKE NEW FRIENDS! *LOL* People just love you. I don't blame them. Muuuuahh!

Danika said...

I'm definitely not as cool of a mom as I thought I would be either!

You're already thinking about kid #4 when you're 2 months postpartum??? You are definitely a brave soul!

4 marriage proposals?!? I am impressed.

My calendar is DEFINITELY the most frequently used item in my house!

Wow - so much I never knew about you...

Chelsea said...

well i'm not a relative and we've only met twice, but i still read em all. what can i say. you nielsens are just too fun and interesting.

i have teeth dreams often, too.

Ali said...

I have also been known to wear earrings for years.

And Seriously? 4 Wedding proposals? Why stop there? You should've set up a "broken heart" booth. Have 'em line up, so you can dash their poor hopes in the dirt.

Seriously, between you and your sister, I feel horribly inadequate when it comes to men.

Kelly Merrell said...

My favorite was 48 about the teeth dream. Aren't reoccurring dreams interesting?

Momma J said...

yes, i did read ALL of it and totally laughed! i feel dumb (act surprised) because i didn't read the marriage proposals part but i already knew about it, but i still couldn't find it when it went searching for it 2 times. (let's blame the vicodin for that. yah yah, that sounds good!)

i didn't know that you had your polygamist hair even back in the day! :) you were totally holding out on me. i, too remember unimportant stuff like old addresses, or disconnected phone numbers from more than 15 years old. it's all useless information that's never quite made it outside my upstairs vault.
i have tennis shoes that are 8 years old, but that's because they're my "inside walking" tennis shoes and are only allowed out on particular occasions.
i think that it's funny matthew's not in your "nothing box". have you locked him away in your "something box" put away for safekeeping?
thick hair is only cool for those 93% who don't have it. those of us with it, know it's completely overrated.
you only have 3 kids, but you are more than welcome to watch our 4 kids ANYTIME to reach your desired 7 kids home quota. ANYTIME SISTA, ANYTIME! hahah
WATCH OUT FOR Q-TIPS! (i'm still very angry over the ENTs recommendation.... you know that i won't be able to stick to it because it's not humanly possible. i think cleaning your ears is perhaps one of the most satisfied feelings you can have in life, in less than 5 seconds)

Katrina said...

RE: Marriage Proposals.
I'm sorry that it came across as bragging - really. It wasn't like breaking a ton of hearts, it was more like contract negotiations. One guy was kissing my roommate within two weeks of suggesting we get married.

All of my sisters and I have known great guys that thought we would be awesome partners. We have a lot to give. But in the end, we had to decide whether the guy had enough to offer us. Was it was better to be married to someone who was "okay," "good enough," or "a little rough around the edges," than to live alone, and keep trying? If you date, and live to be 26, the topic is going to come up a few times!

"Oh it's sad to belong to someone else, when the right one comes along . . ."

That song haunted me until Matthew. I was terrified that I would get caught up in just wanting to be married, than find the right man and miss out on the man that was worth marrying for eternity.

Matthew had lots to offer, and though life has not been perfect, I think that 26 years of waiting has paid off. And if he hadn't, I'd still probably have 4 proposals and no family. It's a tough road to travel. ;D

Joel said...

I LOVED IT! You also have an amazing ability to remember things that have long since left my brain. I totally forgot falling off the hay bales, but I semi-remembered you breaking Logans necklace. I'm all for joining you at the Outer Banks. I loved that place!

Lisa said...

I had those foofy yarn hair tie thingies too! In ODD colors....like turquoise, hot pink, and bright yellow. AND a shade of red that I have never seen in a crayola box yet. Married above you??? You my dear are absolutely MAHvelous and are selling yourself short. You married your perfect match! You forgot to add that you are completely loyal, and would give a friend/family member the shirt off your back to bring a smile to their face. I loved this post and I love YOU.

Cicily said...

I thought I knew you, but now you've opened a whole new world of Katrina. I love these things, I don't think I could ever do 100.

Meredith said...

I am so glad I am catching upon my blog reading...I needed to read this and your yoga musings for a good laugh!!! I will begin working on my 99 things list...what was it you suggested to me needed to be included??