Thursday, July 10, 2008

Going, going, GONE!

"All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth!" It comes to mind these days. We have had a lot of wiggly teeth with Abigail for the last little while. She's had some bottom teeth fall out, but it seems as though the front teeth are what really take you from, well, "kid," to "watch out! You got a kid that is on the brink of being a big person!"
I have been telling her that she really REALLY REALLY! needs to take care of these teeth, because they'll be the ones that she has - even if she lives to be 100! It's a weird thought for both of us. But, we kinda knew that this was coming - she's 7, and a lot of her friends have not only lost their front teeth, but had the new ones grow in.

You can tell a few things from the pictures; you can easily tell from her gums that the new teeth are ready to come down. They're up there like two big chicklets, and if you look in the last picture, you can see a little bit of white already peeking through the top.
It is also one of those weird things where I can truly put myself in her spot - I remember looking in the mirror when I was her age, and watching my front tooth teeter in place before I yanked it. It was fascinatingly weirdly gross thing to see a part of my body just kinda hanging there.

I didn't even give a thought to the idea that I might one day have a little girl of my own who would be doing the same thing. Rites of passage and all that stuff. It just goes to show that life rolls on at a predictable pace, even if you are not ready for it. I am tempted to stop the clock and rewind with this one because I just wasn't quite ready for this - yet. :/ Luckily for her, the tooth fairy was!


Reggs said...

ooo! and what did said fairy bring? I always got a dollar and I LOVED it. Then I went to school to find out some kids got new backpacks and gift certificates to the mall. Then I wondered why the fairy was so STINGY to me!!

Ali said...

New backpacks for a tooth? Seriously? I was lucky to get TWO QUARTERS. No joke. It was one quarter for years and years, and then I got a raise to TWO quarters. Gift Certificates? Why not give them a freaking pony? Why not a new car? Geez.

And I was just thinking about my kid loosing her teeth and it made me sad. BOOOOO!

Joel said...

Lisa and I were watching the newest episode of HOPKINS last night. They showed a 13 year old girl who got her two front (adult) teeth knocked out in a car accident. It was the strangest thing, he just popped them right back into place and then put in a brace to hold them there until they re-generated. COOL!

So congrats to Abbigail. We sure love that kid!

Lisa said...

YEA! Take lots and lots of pictues without her two front teeth! You never get that look again and they are just so stinking cute that way. Definitely a milestone. Hope the tooth fairy treated her well. I sure miss that girl! We love you, Abigail!

Meredith said...

This is a lot of fun - the tooth thing! We are working on loose tooth #5 while on our trip and I realized at the last minute I needed to bring tooth fairy supplies...our tooth fairy brings a pearl for a bracelent in exchange for the tooth. Just in case...can't break the tradition!