Monday, August 11, 2008


Abigail knows all about Santa apparently. I was asking her what she would like for birthday/Christmas and she surprised us with, "I'd like a duvet!"

"A duvet? - Like mom and dad's feather-filled-blanket-duvet?"

"Yah! Only for MY room."

"Well, hmm. Maybe you could ask Santa for one for Christmas."

"Na ah! Santa doesn't give duvets mom."

"He doesn't?"

"No, duvets don't fit in his Christmas bag - they're too big."

"Well, did you ever think about asking him?"

*exasperated at my obtuseness* "Noo MooOOOom! You don't ask Santa for duvets, he just does toys."

"What about jewelry? I thought you wanted a locket . . ."

"Oh yah, he does jewelry too! I want a locket with your pictures in it!"

"Okay, so he does do jewelry . . . hmm. Does he do appliances, like vacuum cleaners or blenders?"

"No. It's not a toy. Santa brings toys. (pause) . . . Unless thats all you really wanted. *thinks* But WHO WOULD WANT A VACUUM???!! . . . FOR CHRISTMAS!!?? I don't think anyone would want a vacuum for Christmas Mom!"

"Well, you know best. I think you should tell Daddy about Santa's rules so he knows what to ask for . . ."

So, there it is. The official job description of Santa Claus from a true expert. I asked Matthew how someone so small could be so certain, and he said,
"She's at that age where she is very secure in what she knows, even if no one told it to her!"
Magic. Absolute magic.


Lisa said...

oh my gosh, this is THEE Cutest story! First, it made me laugh that you live in Phoenix and she is asking for a down filled duvet. Second, that she actually knows the word duvet. Third, that she is not asking for any toys. However, the ABSOLUTE sweetest part...."I want a locket with YOUR pictures in it" AAAAAW, that melted MY heart and it isn't even my picture that she wants in it! A is for Abigail and A is for Adorable......and that is EXACTLY what she is. I think I would like to start the Abigail fan club. Kisses to her, and my nephews. BTW, Logan has some mannerisms and looks that make him look like Benjamin's TWIN, I swear!

Meredith said...

Sometimes all you really want IS a blender or a vacuum!!! Been there! I got a Kitchen Aid Stand mixer once...I have a cute locket I got for Lindsay. Not expensive, because it is sure to get lost. It is in the shape of a book. it is cute. Look at my blog - Caroline "borrowed" it for her first day of preschool.