Monday, August 25, 2008

My Chiclets

It wasn't long after Sam was born that I thought to myself, "he looks so familiar to me . . .". After comparing the pics of my three at the same age, I now realize why - they all look pretty much the same, like a box of Chiclets gum. Slight variations, but pretty much the same mold. Okay, "one of these things is not like the other," Baby Kate came over for a playdate, but its one of the most recent pics of Sam. It's pretty easy to see which ones are all a matched set!


Reggs said...

i love these pictures, especially chubba bubba benjamin with food all over. where's the picture of you as a baby for the comparison??

Meredith said... appears there is a Crane mold! Cutie Patuties, I tell ya! And I even think the one with the pink stripe jammies is cute too, wink wink!!

MMW said...

I'd say it's more like they're all CLONED from the same GENE. Chica and Chicos.

Lisa said...

AH! I LOVE that picture of Benjamin, it's one of my faves. Man, can you believe they were ever that small? They seem to grow up SO fast, yet when you look at pictures like those, it seems like it was SO long ago. Kiss my niece and nephews for me and remind them that Aunt Lisa is their favorite. ;) hehe (I'm going to brainwash them yet!)