Monday, August 18, 2008


Last night I glibly wrote to my sister, "A mission is like being in a taffy pulling machine - you get stretched every-which-way, and usually at a constant, high rate of speed. It will help you so much in your later life . . ."

Like today . . . (grrrrrr,) I HATE the smell of pee! But today is the taffy pull of smelling pee! Benjamin took his pee soaked navy "Cars" bottoms, which I told him to toss in the laundry room, and he tossed them in a dryer full of wet, white clothes! Then Abigail turned it on! I have a pee smelling load of white laundry!

Abigail was wearing different pj bottoms, and I should have known that there would be pee soaked undies and jamma bottoms in her room on the floor!

Before putting Benjamin on the bus, I got him into underwear so that he could get used to not just peeing in a pull-up. While writing this post, he leans on the couch and starts peeing on the floor! In FRONT of me! AAAAHHHHH! YOU DON'T JUST PEE ON THE FLOOR CHILD! I have hustled him to the bathroom, made him pee there, and come start wiping up the pee on the carpet. I am utterly SO SICK OF PEE right now, and my child looks at me, the floor, and his cloth with a look that says,

"What mom. It's just pee."

I do believe that in the pre-existence, we got a little check list of "preferred annoyances" and I figured that having kids pee well into their near tweens was much better than, "horribly disfigured" or "turrets" I don't know. I wish I could now see what my alternates were, because I have a sneaking suspicion that my celestial self volunteered. I figure that it must be filling a 3 - 4 credit required course in child rearing and that smelling pee didn't seem like THAT big of a deal in my crystal clean celestial outfit. But now I hate it, I hate it, hate it HATE IT!

We're having a bad pee day.


Momma J said...

did your not hear the part where i told you i better get a fat mansion in heaven WITH a cleaning lady to clean-up the toilets daily? i wasn't kidding! welcome to having a (potty trained/training) boy! isn't it fabulous? eehhh eeehhh, can i get one more for me please!! :)

Meredith said...

Aaaaaacccckkkkk! Gross. Luckily, my 4 year old who is still an overnight pee-er is quite adept at caring for her used pull-ups on her own. Thankfully I only have to deal with newborn pee, which, thankfully, has nary a smell at all.

Lisa said...

Ug, I wish I could tell you it gets better after they are potty trained. But seriously, (at least with boys) it doesn't. Soon, you find pee all over the bathroom. Yes, it's contained to one room, but HOW ON EARTH do they pee on the wall??? Or the TOP of the toilet tank? I would like to invent a toilet seat that has a retractable/sliding cover for the opening of the toilet. The only way it opens is if there is weight on the seat, forcing them to sit and pee. Oh wait, never mind, then they end up not "pointing it down" and end up peeing on the floor in front of the sink, four feet away. I'm telling you, there is no winning.