Monday, March 24, 2008

Anything You Can Do, I Can Do Better . . .

I just called my younger sister Reagan with the following comment: "I sure hope you're proud of yourself!"
R- "Huh?"
"Yeah, I went to your blog, found that quilt game, and now I'm up to level 30. And then Danika called me from work, and when she found out that you couldn't get past level 4, she started working on it. HER DAY IS RUINED TOO!!

NOW - it's like a couple hours later and I haven't accomplished a GOSH DARNED THING! And each time you hit "done" it throws up another block in seriously UGLY fabric!"
R - *laughs and laughs* "I KNEW you would be good at it!"
"I have got STUFF to do today!~ I don't have time for this!!! *and this piece goes here . . .*
R - "HOw many points do you have?"
"Ummm, 2,234,998."
R- "That's pretty good!"
"Yeah, I just hit the next level while we were talking . . ."

So, for all you people with good math skills and NO good sense:



Momma J said...

i'm finally getting back to you, just forever and a day later. (something about having 4 little kids home all day) yah, i'm a family history woman. it's been a really awesome journey. some dead people here, a few more over here, ya know, the usual! :p

as for the "kings" getting their names.... i'll have to tell you in detail some other time. (don't know if everyone would enjoy all the details) but no, it's definitely not a chess reference although it would be hard to tell sometimes with the way they whip it around

Lisa said...

OH MY GOSH! The fabric is one thing, but the patterns are a whole other ballgame. YUCK! I was happily plugging along, satisfied with my score, up until level 21......when Logan reached up and turned off the computer.....AAAAARRRRGGGH! I didn't have it in me to go back through 21 levels again to keep going. Oh well. Thanks for the fun game!