Saturday, March 8, 2008

Yes, ~ I'll take one of those please!

I just gotta show you this! Some people think about the beautiful cars and clothes they would buy if they suddenly came into a large fortune. I came across this in my Costco Magazine and thought YES! I would love to have one of these in my spacious backyard. I LOVE those stained glass windows. Hmmmmmmmm.

Not for the kids, obviously, but for me! Oh, what a sweet getaway. A place to read, maybe hook up a tv to watch Pride and Prejudice, or be one with nature ... yet not have to be IN nature. I suffer from quite a few allergies, so it's not really plausible for me to go out in the WILD very often, but this kind of roughing it, THIS I can do! Girls Night Out at My Treehouse! Bring your jammies and popcorn! And most importantly, NO KIDS ALLOWED!! It's MY treehouse.

Feel free to peruse the sites and find your kind of tree house:


Lisa said...

Does it come with a Butler? I had better be invited to girl's night out!

Meredith said...

Is that where you can go and read in peace?

Reggs said...

Holy Crap! I bet it has granite countertops, too. A popcorn maker? A jetted tub? Can I have a whole house where I decorate it as I please, with no firearms on display? AHHHHH, we can all dream!