Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Baby Sam's Got GUNS!

OH YES! Look at those puppies. Sam may be small, but he's got mighty guns!
Okay, okay, okay, maybe this is one of those, "You are the only one amused by this" things, but every time I see this little cabbage-patch clenched fist, it looks like he's showing off his incredible muscles. Poor kid - he's not even here and already Mommy is three sheets to the wind. But it does make me laugh! I can almost see him leaning over to kiss the top of his bicep, *Mwaaaah* "Watch me flex these ripped muscles ultrasonographer! Stand back from the wand so I don't huuuurt you . . .". Man, it's SUCH a good thing that I don't drink!


Meredith said...

Didn't know your twice weekly ultrasounds would be all 3-D! Wow - I get to make do with the ultrasound my doc has in his office!

Lisa said...

LOL Love the sexy bare shoulder look on him. He's a ham for the camera already! Keep on cookin' Sam! Can't wait to meet you!