Tuesday, March 11, 2008


The kids are on Spring Break here, and I was invited to go to the pool as a "get the kids tired" activity. I figured that a little pool time would be great for the kids. I assumed that some indoor facility was open and that we'd be splashing with arm floaties in a chlorine-intoxicated tile surrounding. NOPE.

IT WAS OUTSIDE! And it was just like any other sunny day of my childhood summers. Sun block, soggy towels, flip flops, hats, sunglasses, and mom's vying for the chairs closest to the edge of the kiddie pool (so you can holler "stop it, stop it, do I need to come get you out?!" without having to move much). The water slides were running, people splashing, and I did not freeze my tuckos off! It's 79 degrees outside now, and I moved my strap over to check for a tan line. Nope. I still have that neon glow, but DANG! I went SWIMMING at an outdoor pool in early March!!! I don't know why I missed it last year, but we're going back again soon!! And don't hate me because I live in Arizona, just come visit!. :D


Reggs said...

hooray! the sun always does the soul good. I am jealous, but I am happy SOMEONE out there gets to enjoy it. Soak up a little for me, would ya? I hope you achieved your goal of getting the kids tired. It's a WIN-WIN situation! They get to play and get real tired, and then they can come home and NAP, while you get to do whatever you want! Ahhhhhh.

Meredith said...

I know, twisted, huh? My friend's blog (who lives in Chicago) had a picture today of her daughter and her friend and they looked like they were bundled like Eskimos! Wish I could have come with you guys - at least my girls got to go - and thanks if you had to do some hollering at my kiddos!

Danika said...

LOVE. This. Picture!!!