Saturday, March 22, 2008

Happy Easter 2008

Though technically NOT until tomorrow, the Cranes got Easter pics early this year. The neighborhood had an egg hunt, and we figured that it would be easiest to get dressed up today, take our pics, and avoid the rush than trying to get pictures AND be to church on time. Here are some of our favorites. What you don't see is my allergic reaction to all that beautiful green grass and blooming bushes, and the constant dialogue of,
"Don't eat that stuff yet until we take the pictures! NO! I said NO!" We still managed to get a few good shots in, and I now how photographic evidence that I was a good mom . . . this year.
There was an Easter Bunny at the egg hunt, in a bunny suit, with cartoon eyes painted over the mesh, and a very, uh, BRIGHT, yellow vest with easter eggs on it. We did get a picture, but as Matthew has dubbed it a "white trash Easter bunny" we will refrain from inflicting the pics on you. Hopefully the slideshow will show a few of the good ones. Enjoy!

And last, but not least, for Reagan: What I look like pregnant! Well, okay, there it is. Woo hoo! Please, stop those Whale Recovery people from trying to push me back into the ocean. I've already had a shower today!


Reggs said...

WOOOO!!! I LOVE bump pictures! Makes me so excited to know my lil' nephew is all snuggled up in there. By the way, you look fantastic. I've never seen you in white! You've usually opted for ivory, and I must say, you look stunning in white. I also think your hair has gotten darker, am I wrong?? It looks a shade darker and its nice and shiny.
My fav pics: Benjamin hugging the tree! Abigail with the bunny ears (every time I see her, she is taller, leaner with longer eyelashes) and Matthew with the kids and YOU with the kids. What a cute family!!
Was the white trash bunny wearing a wife beater? That would be awesome.
Thank you for posting the pics!

Meredith said...

Love your darling pictures! We always do a Temple photo shoot ('cuz they actually have flowers there) of my girls with my sister's kids at the temple for easter. Since Easter came do dang early this year and we are moving slower than normal, with both of us being 8/9 months preggo, we will do our Easter photo shoot AFTER Easter!

Anonymous said...

Ah! What beautiful perfect pictures!! Is this at a family or community Easter hunt??? It is so bright green and warm looking there. Send some to Utah -- - :-) Thanks!

Who took your photos? The children look darling - and what a great looking parents. Can't wait to see baby #3 in the upcoming family pics.

Take care,
Love Mish

Lisa said...

Cute, cute, CUTE! I adore those kids! Abigail is getting such a mature look to her face! And Benjamin looks like a full blown kid and not a toddler anymore! They have changed a TON in the three months since I saw them. Give them lots of kisses from their Auntie Lisa. YOU, my dear, look absolutely F A B U L O U S! I can't believe you are almost done! Keep on chuggin....the countdown is on! We sure love you!