Saturday, March 29, 2008

Dun, Dun, Dun, DONE!

Ta Dah! Baby Sam's quilt is now pieced AND quilted AND labeled! Any quilter will tell you that it's not really done until you have all of those elements. Though finished at an almost breakneck speed, (I no longer have the luxury of leaving projects out for long,)I couldn't be more thrilled with the results. If you click on the label, you can read the quote a little better.
And, as you can see, my quilter, Debbie Lee really knocked herself out with the details. She is a mother of 8 (sic), living in Idaho, and an absolute treasure to me and my quilting family. She is a true artist. If you look, you can see that she quilted "SAM" cloud letters, woodgrain on the posts, words "I *heart* U" in the onesie, ribbing on the socks, a replica airplane in the bib, grass outline ALL over the grass, and boyish details all over the borders like little wagons, balls and planes.
And all done 3 weeks before he shows up. HOORAY! It is very satisfying to create something unique, but you know it's a great match-up when someone can take your idea and improve on it. I love my quilter - she takes what I give her, and improves on it. Everyone needs someone like that - someone who takes what you give them, and can still make you look good! Thank you Debbie Lee!


Reggs said...

How ADORABLE. Especially "Sam" being quilted on there. An award winner for sure. I hope you put Sam in a laundry basket when he's like, 6 months old, and take a picture that looks just like the quilt!

Lisa said...

HOLY COW! THAT is AMAZING! I couldn't believe you got it back already, and then to see what she did with it! My jaw is on the floor and I am speechless! You two make quite the team! I seriously think you should enter this in some contest. How adorable!

Meredith said...

Our Painting is mostly done...the baby stuff? Not so much. I am jealous. That is adorable!!!

Annette said...

Amazing!!!!! Both you and the quilt. What a lucky little guy to have such a great Mom!!!